The Art of FUMA

24" x 36"

Created on a chunky canvas, this piece for my own office is a round up of recent FUMA projects, most prominent are the numbers which spell out FILE UNDER MODERN ART.

The left half has raised black painted cardboard numbers, whilst the right half is covered in cardboard coated in sawdust/pva to create texture and painted in white acrylic, with the numbers cut out to reveal the painted canvas behind - using the same emulsion as the wall.
Top Left:
The Art of Vacations

The title itself is produced in dots, as this series was all pointillism work, the 4 symbols featured on the edge of the canvas are from the sketchbook volumes.
Bottom Left:
Wooden Artists Hand

Outline of hand is painted on using the emulsion used on the wall, the paint brush is then raised painted cardboard angled to be raised on the overlap of the two halves of the design.
Top Right:

Munny outline is applied in sticky back felt going around the canvas edge, where the title is painted on in black acrylic.
Bottom Right:
Drawn to Music

Title to front in sketch font, and the 2 symbols from the logo on the edge of the canvas in black acrylic.
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