Artist Statement

Since 2017 I’ve worked on my ‘Drawn to Music’ series, these are inspired by song lyrics and produced in paint and ink, so far as 4 volumes for The Sketchbook Project, each featuring 16 drawings alongside the lyric.

From 2009 through to 2015 the majority of my work was 'The Art of Vacations' series, I used stencils to apply acrylics as a background, and formed the picture with an ink pen using a pointillism style. My inspiration came from travelling in North America, Europe and Asia and the cities and countries I visited, basing my artwork on photographs taken at each location.

Initially I created larger pieces of pointillism work on canvas paper, subsequently on a smaller scale by producing 4 volumes for The Sketchbook Project tours 2012-15, which are now housed in the Brooklyn Art Library.
Matt Robinson
b. Hampshire UK, 1978
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